Increased Customer Engagement for Healthcare Businesses

One Health Direct is a strategic healthcare partner that can help you take your patient/customer engagement to a new level.

Accelerate growth and enhance your bottom-line

When you are looking to increase market share and grow revenue, your business needs a well-formulated and targeted plan. One Health Direct will develop a strategy, hire the people and implement a process to accelerate the growth of your company.

Who We Are

One Health Direct LLC was created to fill a need for improved customer engagement and satisfaction with a focus on the healthcare arena.

We work seamlessly with your existing processes to expand patient/client acquisition, improve client care and increase your bottom line. Our strategic marketing partnerships and streamlined processes, executed by our highly trained staff, can help you increase your client base exponentially.

Our staff’s copious experience in many healthcare verticals rounded out by our sales and marketing team’s client acquisition finesse, make us your powerful partner.

Our Verticals

One Health Direct has focused in multiple verticals within the healthcare space including:


Direct to Consumer Patient Acquisition

Healthcare is becoming more patient-centric and convenience-oriented marketplace. As part of that shift, many companies are starting to market direct-to-consumer for various health products.

One Health Direct has strategically positioned itself to drive revenue for its clients by perfecting consumer targeting, streamlining the intake process and preparing complete patient/customer files to our clients for submission.


Provider to Provider

In the vast healthcare marketplace, it can be challenging to find the right message to communicate how a product or service can deliver needed benefits to a physician or facilities patients.

At One Health Direct, we take a comprehensive approach to expanding your products audience. We have developed a marketing strategy and built a network of industry experts to capture market share for products or services.

HIPAA Compliance

One Health Direct provides our healthcare clients with safe and secure policies and procedures coupled with continual staff training and awareness reviews. These trainings and staff education classes ensure compliance of the related obligations under HIPAA.

Our technology complies with HIPAA standards, such as encryption (SSL), system-user identifiers (logins, passwords), multiple user access levels, high-end physical server security, nightly backups, strong privacy policies, timed log out and comprehensive internal policies.

How We Do It


We create consumer interaction across multiple marketing channels to grow market share and meet your company goals.


We hire talent with the right attitude and skillset to achieve a customer-centric culture and provide you the best representation of your company.


We develop a clear definition of your company’s unique needs to create a process that meets your expectations.


With the right technology, any process can become more efficient and reduce operational costs. We custom tailor our proprietary software to meet the demands of each campaign’s process.

Our Partners

Let’s Grow Together

Do you have a product or service you feel might benefit from a strategic partnership with One Health Direct? Contact us today for a free evaluation and proposal on how One Health Direct can increase your bottom line.