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One Health Direct Launches, An Informational Site for Diabetic Patients Using Continuous Glucose Monitors

07 Sep, 2023 – PR Newswire

One Health Direct (OHD) has launched a new informational website,, designed with diabetic patients in mind. The goal of the easy-to-remember website is to offer better customer service through education…

One Health Direct’s System Helps Reduce Demands On Clinical Staff

07 Aug, 2023 – PR Newswire

One Health Direct (OHD) specifically designed its Genesis system to help reduce the burden put on clinics and their staff when assisting and treating patients with chronic conditions, such as diabetes…

One Health Direct Helps Chronic Patients of Their Partner DMEs Reduce Risk of Exposure to Acute Illnesses By Eliminating Unnecessary Trips to Medical Facilities

June 28, 2023 – PR Newswire

OHD provides chronic patients of their partner Durable Medical Equipment (DME) suppliers with a complete system to get qualified for and receive their desired treatment options and ongoing supplies, without the need to leave their homes…

One Health Direct Invests Heavily in Technology Team and Proprietary Software Solution: Genesis

June 8, 2023 – PR Newswire

One Health Direct has undergone a remarkable transformation, thanks to their cutting-edge technology and proprietary software, Genesis. Led by VP of Technology Matthew Landon, their in-house team has revolutionized operations, achieving cost containment and data improvements…

One Health Direct Launches Genesis: A Complete Operational Solution To Help Patients and Providers Navigate Eligibility and Reimbursement Requirements

June 6, 2023 – PR Newswire

A proprietary operational system, designed to maximize efficiency and efficacy for prescribing physicians, provides a simplified process allowing patients to more easily receive innovative treatment options for various chronic health conditions…