Customer Acquisition & Marketing

When you are looking to increase market share and grow revenue, your business needs a well-formulated and targeted plan. One Health Direct will develop a strategy, hire the people and implement a process to accelerate the growth of your company.

Expert Campaign Management

One Health Direct marketing campaigns are driven by a dedicated campaign management team from start to finish. We provide the leadership to design and execute campaigns based on your business goals. A team of experts will fine tune our processes to make each campaign successful.

These Processes Include:


Strategic Marketing Partnerships

Using our strategic marketing partnerships to drive quality leads to your campaign.


Professional Agents

Hiring a higher caliber of agents, in-campaign supervision and management—we believe optimal results require proper oversight.


Sales Scripting

Effective sales scripting – Our teams’ nearly 25+ years of combined scripting experience provides your company with personalized, efficacious script that engage customers and build rapport.


Agent Training

Results-driven agent training—our training goes beyond script reading, to include product knowledge, active listening, communication skills, rapport building, qualification questioning and time management.


Real-time Reporting

Our real-time, accurate reporting allows us to execute and modify campaigns on the fly for maximum conversions.