Business Operations Management & Customer Service

With over 10 years of experience providing customized customer service and back office solutions within the healthcare space, One Health Direct is positioned to adapt to the ever-changing regulations and stay ahead of the competition.

Managing the customer service experience usually requires a completely different set of skills, knowledge and infrastructure then your core business. Acquiring and training the right people to make and answer high volumes of phone calls in a professional manner can be time consuming.

Our Services

Lead Qualification

Fast track your lead and sales funnel with our expertise to engage your callers to ensure prospects turn into customers.

Customer Care

We are a true extension of your company that provides professionalism and knowledge for an exceptional customer experience.

Order Processing

Our experienced team of intake specialists can assist though out the ordering process. Our offerings include: marketing, initial contact, identify needs, offer product, complete intake and processing orders.

Document Recovery

Many healthcare companies require documentation from other providers to process orders. Whether that is detailed written orders or medical records, our team will insure those documents are received within a timely manner.

Document Review

When we receive the documents from the healthcare organizations / insurance providers, we thoroughly analyze all the documents and verify it against the list of the necessary documents.

Verifying Insurance Coverage

We verify insurance coverage of the patient with the primary and secondary payers either by contacting them directly or by checking their official online insurance portals.

Patient Follow-up

If required, we promptly contact the patient to seek any missing or incorrect information. This helps in keeping track of all the information and cross verifying these details before the final submission is made.